Silicone and Transfer Appliance Materials 

PRIMER     new

 1oz. $12.00 2oz. $23.00, 4oz. $45.00 Vol Disc 16oz $75.00 32oz $95.00

A primer to be used with Water-Melon when using Water-Melon as an encapsulent with silicone gel appliances. It permanently bonds Water-Melon to the silicone at the molecular level preventing delamination. When used to encapsulate Silicone gel it will allow for the application of the GFA using only alcohol. It will also prevent delamination when using W-M as an encapsulent with Silicone Gel in a plaster mold. Cosmetic safe and can be used for direct skin application with 2 part cosmetic construction silicones like 3rd Deg. or Skin Tite. Can also be used with other encapsulents.
When using Water-Melon as an encapsulent for a GFA apply the Water-Melon to the released positive (and neg.) mold. Then apply the Primer to the dry Water-Melon. Allow it to dry, then fill the mold with the Silicone Gel. The Primer will bond the Water-Melon to the gel allowing for a gel appliance that can be blended and applied with alcohol. May be used with other types of encapsulents but testing is recommended. Water-Melon Primer can be brushed, sprayed (recommended) or swabbed.


Silicone Gel Filled Appliance encapsulated with Water-Melon on both sides. Water-Melon Primer was used to bond the silicone to the Water-Melon 1 2 Use 99% Isopropyl or Denatured Ethyl alcohol to glue the appliance. No adhesive required but any type can be used, even Acrylic Adh.
Once the appliance is attached just press and hold the appliance to let the alcohol activate the Water-Melon. 3 4

Blend edges with the same alcohol.

Blend edges with the same alcohol. 5 6

Appliance ready for color. Since the encapsulent is Water-Melon you can use Duracolor (or any alcohol activated color)


1oz. $12.00, 2oz. $22.00, 4oz.$40.00

Vol Disc.16oz $70.00, 32oz $96.00 Gal. $350.00

A clear cosmetic grade acrylic copolymer useful in externally adding color to silicone gel filled appliances, gelatin or foam latex.  Can be mixed either extrinsically or intrinsically with  Prosthetic Cosmetic or any RMG to make a "fixed" PAX-like cosmetic. Add Silicolor directly to or apply over Airbrush Grade Prosthetic Cosmetic, or  Fashion Aire for varying degrees of durability.  Removable with soap and water or alcohol when super waterproof.  Developed in association with Dick Smith and Endorsed in "The Dick Smith Course" when adjusting the color of an SGA. Dick recommends mixing  with Dr Martins Dyes. You can also add to AGPC when making a temporary tattoo color. Also useful as a Soft Sealer when making transfer appliances or when making parchment tattoo transfers.
PLASTIC SEALER          (alcohol soluble)


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Vol Disc 16oz. $50.00 32oz. $ 85.00

Polyvinyl sealer used as a soft sealer for transfers or as an alcohol soluble silicone gel encapsulent. Can be applied to the surface of the silicone negative mold when using silicone gel or Acrylic Transfer Paste to create an alcohol blendable edge to the appliance. Also useful for sealing wax constructions or foam appliances prior to applying foundation. FDA approved coating.


The only complete attachment kit, ready to go. Fits all the items needed when attaching or removing an appliance. Ideal for use in the on-set bag. Available in Adhesive I or II. contains 1/2oz adhesive, 1/2oz thinner and 1oz remover

8ML SPRAYER $9.00 1oz. $12.00  2oz. $19.00  4oz. $33.00

Topical antiperspirant applied as an astringent prior to applying latex, gelatin or silicone appliances.  Inhibits perspiration with repeated use. Not a barrier or sealer but an active antiperspirant. Availlable in refillable 8ml pocket sprayer.

2oz. $20.00,  4oz. $36.00, 8oz. $64.00

VOL DISC:  16oz. $112.00,  32oz. $192.00,          Gal $640.00

A naturally thickened acrylic adhesive paste used to create transfers in silicone molds. Also used to blend thick edges on foam latex appliances or reused bald caps.  Can be colored with flocking or our cosmetic  pigments to make a scab material and match flesh tones. It is also used for filling holes in foam latex appliances.  Apply with a spatula and blend with a wet sponge.  Dries quickly to a translucent, flexible putty.  Sometimes called "bondo", "Prosthetic Transfer Material", "cabo patch" or "spackle" for appliances.  Remove with ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE OR OUR SPECIAL ADHESIVE REMOVER.  

(Acetone soluble)

2oz. $4.00,  4oz. $6.00,
VOL DISCOUNT: 16oz. $20.00 32oz. $35.00            GAL. $100.00
Liquid vinyl used for manufacturing our  Professional Plastic Bald Caps and for use as an encapsulator for silicone gel appliances. It is also useful for coating clay prior to casting to facilitate clay removal from the mold.  This material can also be used for making cuts, scars, and eyebrow covers on glass or formica. Ground shipping only.

1oz. $10.00

Bright colored Cosmetic grade pigments used to tint gelatin, Silicolor,  Water-melon, acrylic adhesive for PAX, latex, Plastic Scar Material, urethane, silicones
40.3 33-00 32-00 14.3 018 13 00
40.3 33-00 32-00 14.3 018 13.3 00
2oz. $10.00
Flesh colored Cosmetic grade pigments used to tint gelatin, Silicolor,  Water-melon, acrylic adhesive for PAX, latex, Plastic Scar Material, urethane, silicones
306 309 512 12.3 4.3 7.3 10.3 2.3
306 309 512 12.3 4.3 7.3 10.3 2.3
2oz. $10.00
UV Dayglow  pigments glow under blacklight. These pigments like all other UV pigments or paints are not FDA approved but are generally considered safe.  Use at your own discretion. Contain zinc. These pigments can be mixed into any medium: Silicolor,  Water-melon, acrylic adhesive for PAX, latex, Plastic Scar Material, urethane, silicones, gelatin

121 122 124 125 126 127 128 129 130
121 122 124 125 126 127 128 129 130


2oz. $10.00

Mica based pigments used to give a metalic look.  Can be mixed with our Silicolor product to make a durable, waterproof finish. removes with soap and water.

BRONZE       COPPER      SILVER      GOLD      


2oz. $10.00

FDA approved for use on the skin and within resins. This pigment will fluoresce after exposure to normal light and glow in the dark