Latex Products

Small, short nape (children) $13.00
Large, medium nape $13.00
Large, long nape (adults) $13.00


We manufacture thousands of the highest quality latex bald caps every year. Made from thin balloon latex to yield the finest blending edges available. Superior to other higher priced latex caps due to a wider nape which allows for more hair coverage in the back. Our longer sides, allows for greater coverage of the sideburns.  Ideal for theatrical use. Made in the USA.  WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS APPLY. 

1oz. $5.00,  2oz. $7.00,  4oz. $11.00 
VOL Discount 16oz $32.00, 32oz $60.00

De-ammoniated, for use on the skin.  Use as an old age stipple, stipple over appliances or bald caps.  Remove with warm soapy water or Isopropyl Myristate for those tough areas.  Do not apply to any areas with unprotected hair.

 1OZ. $5.00, 2OZ. $9.00, 4OZ. $16.00                                       VOL DISCOUNT: 1QT. $25.00, 1GAL. $90.00, 5GAL. $350

A thin latex used when making anything with a  thin membrane of rubber. Usefull in making air bladders, skin coats on appliances, bald caps, slush appliances, dental dam, latex gloves, etc. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DIRECT APPLICATION TO THE SKIN DUE TO HIGH AMMONIA CONTENT. MUST BE USED IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA