2oz. $2.00,  4oz. $3.00,  NO DISCOUNT: 16oz. $10.00,  32oz. $15.00, GAL. $35.00, 5 GAL. $100.00

Use for thinning Spirit Gum, Airbrush Grade Prosthetic Cosmetic, Silicolor silicone gel filled appliance medium, or Fashion Aire airbrush cosmetic.  Thin with distilled water (to 70%) and use as a remover for Spirit Gum and stubborn Airbrush Grade Prosthetic Cosmetic and Silicolor.

1oz. $2.00,  2oz. $4.00,  4oz. $6.00

VOL DISC 16OZ $20.00 32OZ $38.00 GAL $80.00

Best described as an "oily alcohol".   The active ingredient in most make up and spirit gum removers.  Mild and gentle to the skin.  Removes Spirit Gum, Silicone adhesive, Pros-Aide (Acrylic adhesive), liquid latex, regular rubber mask grease and Make Up Effects (PAX) Paint.  Also an ingredient in many cosmetic foundations.
TALC-OHOL 2oz. $1.75,  4oz. $2.50,  NO DISCOUNT: 16oz. $12.00,  32oz. $17.00, GAL. $37.00
Premixed alcohol and talc useful when removing appliances from molds. Just spray  with a pump sprayer (not provided) to just about all types of appliances to remove tack and ease removal. Can also be applied to Bald Caps (non alcohol sol) or inside slush masks prior to removal. Helps keep airborne talc down in the shop. Once the alcohol evaporates the talc remains, powdering the appliance.


1oz. $3.00,  2oz. $4.00,  4oz. $6.00

A NON-ACETONE remover for Collodacolor.  Very mild with a moisturizer.  Specially formulated for use with collodion.