Plastic Materials 


2oz. $12.00, 4oz. $18.00

A Methacrylate commonly called "scar" or "burn" material used to create a keloid scar.  Simply apply material and knead it into the shape desired, and allow to dry.  Add washes of Prosthetic Cosmetic to extrinsically add colour layers.  Available in Clear, Pink, Dark, and Puss Yellow. Compare to Kryolan Tuplast or RCMA Scar Plastic.



2oz. $12.00,
4oz. $18.00

A Methacrylate liquid blood that dries with a "wet look".  Ideal for film continuity, or haunted houses.  Available in Bright Red or Deep Red.

Acrylic Blood


1oz. $12.00,
2oz. $22.00,
4oz. $40.00,
No Discount: 16oz $70.00,
32oz $96.00

A clear cosmetic grade acrylic copolymer useful in extrinsically adding colour to silicone gel filled appliances.  Can be mixed either extrinsically or intrinsically with Water Soluble Prosthetic Cosmetic RMG to make a PAX-like material, or added to Airbrush Grade Prosthetic Cosmetic, and  Fashion Aire for varying degrees of durability.  Removable with "soap and water" or alcohol when super waterproof.


.5oz. $6.00

Colored cellulose scar material that shrinks when dry.  Used to make quick cuts, burns, or scars.  Available in  Translucent Red for quick cuts and burns,  Translucent Maroon for deepening the color of a cut, Translucent Blue  for older scars, Translucent Yellow  for burns and Translucent Black for Bullet Hits, Stigmata, puncture wounds or older scars.  Best when different colors are used together.  See how to apply Collodacolor


Wound Kit contains 1-.5 oz bottle of Translucent Red Collodacolor, a 1oz. bottle of film blood, and brush.
The 3 Color Kit contains 1 - .5oz bottle of Translucent Red, Translucent Yellow, and Translucent Blue.
Both come with complete instructions.



1oz. $7.00 2oz. $14.00, 4oz. $26.00,
VOL DISCOUNT: 16oz. $50.00, 32oz. $85.00, 1 GAL. $270.00, 5 GAL $550.00 

The first water based cap vinyl. After years of making caps with hazardous solvents the era of the "safe" cap plastic has arrived. Water-Melon is superior to standard cap plastic in many ways. Thins with water. Edges dissolve with alcohol, not acetone. No solvent vapors. Water-Melon can be applied directly to the skin like latex and can be slushed into plaster molds like latex. You can make plastic appliances from plaster molds whose edges can be dissolved with alcohol. Makes an excellent encapsulation material for foam gelatin appliances or an ideal skinning material for foam latex or gelatin appliances. Water-Melon can be brushed, sponged, slushed, or sprayed. About 2 oz. can sponge one cap. No respirators needed. No haz. mat shipping needed. Can be tinted with our Water-Melon tints (see below). FDA APPROVED COATING

AVAILABLE IN MED. FLESH, DK FLESH AND CLEAR "wanted to let you know we used the "Watermelon" on "Barber Shop 2" as an ager stipple in high humidity and heat for 12 hours with excellent results. Touch ups were minimal and removal a breeze.
Great Product!!! Thanks to you as always.
Chip D. Williams
BadDog Creations



1oz. $8.00 2oz. $14.00, 4oz. $26.00,

Water based FD&C Cosmetic colors to tint our Water-Melon water based Vinyl. Available in :
512 306 309 7.3 18.3 BLUE  14.3 GREEN 40.3 RED 00 WHITE 13.3 BLACK
512 306 309 7.3 18.3 14.3 40.3 00 13