How to apply Collodacolor Cut & Burn

Clean the skin with an astringent. Our Sweat Stop is an excellent one. Apply Translucent Red Collodacolor in layers, allowing each layer to dry completely before the next layer is added.


Adjust color by adding layers of Tr. Maroon or Tr. Blue to darken. Apply in straight lines for claw marks, tapering at the ends, or apply in "Y" shapes for gashes.

Cut and Burn

Once a sufficient number of layers are added to give a deep pucker to the skin, apply film blood to the cut.


To prevent peeling or when applying to sensitive skin apply a layer of our Acrylic Emulsion Adhesive before the Collodacolor.



TIP: To prevent blood from beading up, mix a little dish soap into the blood to help it smear better.

For burns apply our Translucent Red Collodacolor over the area to be burned and allow to dry. add our Tr. Yellow to the middle of the burn to simulate skin. Try to keep translucency.

To prevent blood from beading...