Airbrush Products


1oz. $12.00, 

2oz. $22.00, 


Vol Disc:

16oz $70.00, 

32oz $96.00    

Gal. $350.00                  



The original smudgeproof, sweatproof, waterproof, fixed air applied cosmetic.  A.G.P.C. contains our own acrylic copolymer Silicolor , which allows the cosmetic to be resistant to moisture and light abrasion formulated in at an amount which allows it to be removed with only soap and water.  Safe for use on skin or latex as all ingredients are cosmetic grade, FDA Certified.  Compatible with Silicolor and available in all PROSTHETIC COSMETIC colors.  Ideal for use over foam latex, gelatin, or silicone appliances. Also ideal for use on bald caps, Water-Melon appliances, as a tattoo cover, semi - permanent makeup, durable body paint, or underwater make up or temporary tattoo color. Available in over 50 colors including day glow and metalics (see color chart). Can be used with a matte finished or buffed lightly for a satin finish. Setting powder optional. To make completely waterproof add Silicolor to increase the durability to Temporary Tattoo strength. Used at many large theme parks worldwide. Made with SD Ethanol so it dries quickly and bonds to Water-Melon. 




Assortments  of 1oz bottles for specific color numbers please see Color Chart

6 COLOR FLESH                     $66.00               buy on ETSY

    flesh palette 3x300.jpg (316028 bytes)  flesh palette bagged cropped 3x300.jpg (281128 bytes) 

6 COLOR SPFX BRIGHT          $66.00               buy on ETSY

    bright palettes cropped 3x300.jpg (294808 bytes)   bright palettes bagged 3x300.jpg (296605 bytes)  

6 COLOR UV / BLACKLIGHT     $66.00             buy on ETSY

    day glow palette cropped 3x300.jpg (352685 bytes)

9 COLOR 1/2 FLESH &1/2 BRIGHT     $99.00     buy on ETSY

AGPC 9 COLOR PALETTE 3X300.jpg (233895 bytes)

9 COLOR MONSTER                            $99.00      buy on ETSY

9 COLOR MONSTER PALETTE 3X300.jpg (253328 bytes)  9 COLOR MONSTER PALETTE CROPPED PACKAGED 3X300.jpg (233309 bytes)



1oz. $20.00, 2oz. $40.00, 4oz. $60.00                                        

Vol Disc.16oz $130.00, 32oz $175.00   

A heavier formula of our original Airbrush Grade Prosthetic Cosmetic foundation but with increased cosmetic content. It has the same durable qualities as the original but is visibly heavier, requiring less material and time to achieve the same coverage. It is ideal for use with appliances, usually requiring only one or two passes with the airbrush to opaque the appliance. It is also ideal for covering tattoos or using as a temporary tattoo color. A.G.P.C.2 is also heavy enough to be applied with a regular brush or sponge and is more durable than P.A.X. (see color chart). Recommended when a heavier, opaque coverage is required. Setting powder optional. Palettes not available






Fashion Aire


1oz. $12.00, 2oz. $22.00, 4oz.$40.00

Vol Disc.

16oz $70.00, 32oz $96.00    Gal. $350.00


" Like a powder through the airbrush" 

Use just as you would use a dry eyeshadow or dry blush. High fashion foundation which is matte, durable and blendable with a sponge or puff after application.  Ideal for use as runway makeup, salon makeup, night club makeup, weddings and effects with our U.V. blacklight airbrush colors.  Can be made waterproof and smudgeproof with Silicolor. Available in our 50 color selection (see color chart). Recommended when a sheer, translucent or "layered" application is desired. Applies evenly and smoothly with no spitting. Setting powder not required.





6 COLOR PAL $66 

6 COLOR FLESH $66.00

FASHION AIRE PALETTE FLESH 3x300.jpg (345610 bytes)  FASHION AIRE PALETTE FLESH BAGGED 3X300.jpg (318504 bytes)




FASHION AIRE PALETTE SAY GLOW 3X300.jpg (356433 bytes)

9 COLOR 1/2 FLESH &1/2 BRIGHT  $99.00

FASHION AIRE 9 COLOR 3X300.jpg (255095 bytes)

9 COLOR MONSTER   $99.00

FASHION AIRE 9 COLOR MONSTER 3X300.jpg (269644 bytes)



1oz. $20.00, 2oz. $40.00, 4oz. $60.00                                        

Vol Disc.16oz $130.00, 32oz $175.00   


A heavier version of our original High Fashion foundation which is as matte, durable and blendable as the original but now with higher coverage and faster application. Ideal for use as runway makeup, salon, studio, weddings and night club makeup effects with our U.V. blacklight colors.  Also, just  as the original it can be set  with Silicolor. Available in our 50 color selection (see color chart). Recommended when a more opaque application is desired. Applies evenly and smoothly with no spitting. Setting powder not required. FASHION AIRE 2
SILICOLOR 1oz. $12.00, 2oz. $22.00, 4oz.$40.00   BUY NOW ON ETSY

Vol Disc.16oz $70.00, 32oz $96.00 Gal.$350.00                  

A clear cosmetic grade acrylic copolymer useful in externally adding color to silicone gel filled appliances, gelatin or foam latex.  Can be mixed either extrinsically or intrinsically with  Prosthetic Cosmetic or any RMG to make a "fixed" PAX-like cosmetic. Add Silicolor directly to or apply over Airbrush Grade Prosthetic Cosmetic, or  Fashion Aire for varying degrees of durability.  Removable with soap and water or alcohol when super waterproof.  Developed in association with Dick Smith and Endorsed in "The Dick Smith Course" when adjusting the color of an SGA. Dick recommends mixing  with Dr Martins Dyes. You can also add it to AGPC when making a temporary tattoo color. Also useful as a Soft Sealer when making transfer appliances or when making parchment tattoo transfers. SIICOLOR_300X3.jpg (518138 bytes)


Mild Airbrush Tattoo Stencil Adhesive

1oz. $6.00, 2oz. $10.00, 4oz. $18.00

A skin safe theatrical adhesive which washes off with soap and water. Apply to the reverse of the stencil before application and press onto skin. When removed any residue can be wiped away with a baby wipe or dampened tissue without disturbing the tattoo.