1oz. $8.00,  2oz. $12.00,  4oz. $25.00 


16oz. $32.00,  32oz. $60.00,  GAL $199.00,  5GAL $725.00

Milky white water based acrylic adhesive. Compare to PROS AIDE or  Beta Bond.  A high tack contact type adhesive for use in gluing prosthetics and making "PAX" paint. Ours is the industry standard "Glitter Glue" adhesive when doing glitter tattoos. Dries clear with a tack. Remove with alcohol or ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE OR OUR SPECIAL ADHESIVE REMOVER.


2oz. $20.00,  4oz. $36.00, 8oz. $54.00

VOL DISC:  16oz. $112.00,  32oz. $192.00, Gal $640.00

A naturally thickened acrylic adhesive paste used to create transfers in silicone molds. Also used to blend thick edges on foam latex appliances or reused bald caps.  Can be colored with flocking or our cosmetic  pigments to make a scab material and match flesh tones. It is also used for filling holes in foam latex appliances.  Apply with a spatula and blend with a wet sponge.  Dries quickly to a translucent, flexible putty.  Sometimes called "bondo", "Prosthetic Transfer Material", "cabo patch" or "spackle" for appliances.  Remove with ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE OR OUR SPECIAL ADHESIVE REMOVER.


The only complete Silicone Adhesive attachment kit, ready to go. Fits all the items needed when attaching or removing an appliance. Ideal for use in the on-set bag. Contains 1/2oz adhesive, 1/2oz thinner and 1/2oz remover

1oz. $6.00, 2oz. $10.00, 4oz. $18.00

A skin safe theatrical adhesive which washes off with soap and water. Does not "attach" the stencil but simply tacks it in place for a light hold. Apply to the reverse of the stencil before application and press onto skin. When removed any residue can be wiped away with a baby wipe or dampened tissue without disturbing the tattoo. Can be preapplied to the back of the stencil and allowed to dry for storage. When ready to apply simply apply alcohol to the stencil back to reactivate the adhesive. To clean stencil wash with soap and water.



0.5oz. $2.00,  1oz. $3.00,  2oz. $4.00,  4oz. $5.00,  32oz. $40.00,  NO DISCOUNT: 1 GAL $100.00,   

"OLD RELIABLE".  The standby of dramatic artists for over a century.  With Spirit Gum, "less is more".   A very thin layer of Spirit Gum is usually enough to hold most anything.  Bald Caps, latex appliances, crepe hair, wax constructions, glitter etc.  Remove with rubbing alcohol (70%) or, more preferably, ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE.


0.5oz. $4.00,  1oz. $6.00,  2oz. $8.00

A mild adhesive used when flattening hair under hairpieces or for flattening eyebrows for eyebrow covers.  Great for schools or masquerade where removal should be easy.  Not durable under stress or perspiration but fine for classroom situations or when applying glitter, feathers or body jewels.  Removes completely with soap and warm water.