How to use Foaming Gelatin Quick Casts

STEP 1: Apply release to the Quick Cast (cooking spray). Fill the Quick Cast with our Foaming Gelatin, spreading it thin onto the edges. Refrigerate until gelled. It is possible to premake appliances by removing the gelled appliances, making copies and replacing them back into the mold for application. Avoid overfilling the quick cast to minimize overflow.
STEP 2: When ready to use simply warm the gelatin with a blow drier until the surface is sticky and slightly liquid. Check for readiness by touching it with your finger for warmth. Do not apply if it is too hot. If it’s sticky, it’s ready. The surface of the gelatin should be fluid but the entire appliance should NOT be melted
STEP 3: Clean the skin with an astringent (Sweat Stop) to remove any oils or old make up. Press the "Quick Cast" into place and hold until gelled. Sometimes a cool towel held over the mold helps to get an even pressure. It’s ok if some material comes out of the mold. Just make sure that the edges are tight. Allow the gelatin to cool and gently peel the mold from the appliance. Set with powder.
STEP 4: Clean up the edges by using a toothbrush dipped in HOT water. Gently brush away the flashing and clear any hair that may have overflow in them. Once the edges are cleaned up and blended, just seal with liquid latex or our Silicolor and apply make up.
STEP 5: If you are using adhesives you can apply spirit gum to any edges which may have lifted up.
STEP 6: We recommend using our smudgeproof Airbrush Grade Prosthetic Cosmetic, especially if you have many characters to make up. You can also use our Prosthetic Cosmetic Rubber Mask Grease as shown here. Add shadows, highlights, or blood where needed. It is possible to intrinsically color the foam before foaming it up. Either tinting the gelatin red before foaming and then applying a flesh toned makeup over it or tinting it flesh toned for ease of blending with the flesh toned make up.


These appliances can also be used in the hair as gelatin washes easily from the hair. Even though they are meant to be applied without adhesives you can increase the durability of the appliances by applying cotton and spirit gum before applying the warm appliance, imbedding the cotton fibers into the warm gelatin. With our system it is possible for someone to actually apply their own appliance, although results are usually better if someone helps.