How to apply a WATER-MELON Alco-Activated Appliance ("PIERCING SCREAM")

Materials: Alco-Activator Alco-Activated Colors , cotton swabs

Apply Alco-Activator™ (99% Isopropyl Alcohol) liberally to the area the appliance is to be attached to.

Place the appliance into the still wet Alco-Activator™. Try to remove as many air pockets under the piece as possible. press and hold the appliance in place until it bonds.


There are many creative ways to use The Piercing Scream effect. Line them up around your neck or arm with the Closing Statement appliance and you have a pinned on head or arm. When you have had enough and are ready to scream just remember back when you had to worry about  REMOVAL with adhesive applied cuts and scars. Do you have the right remover? Do you need remover? Well not with Water-Melon. It peels off AND is reusable if you're careful when peeling.

Continue laying the appliance into the alcohol, pressing as you go.

Apply Alco-Activator to the top of the appliance This makes the appliance almost clear. 

Blend the appliance with alcohol this improves the clarity and softens the plastic. Sometimes your finger can help blend the edge too if the Water-Melon™ is soft enough. Tapping your finger on the appliance as it dries will give it a matte finish. Also powdering lightly into the alcohol while still damp will matte as well. No need for foundation.
With a cotton swab apply RED Alco-Activated Color or A.G.P.C. to the two sides of where the pin enters the "skin". Not a lot of blood. just enough to add some suggestion of bleeding. you can smear it with more alcohol activator to keep it translucent.