Hydrocal life cast of George Bush look-a-like John Morgan

Donald Trump sculpt on John Morgan's lifecast.

John's face differs from Donald Trumps face in m any ways. Most notably around the eyes. John's afce was narrower than Trumps in most areas which allowed me to augment his features into Trumps with clay. His eyes however different and would need to be changed through the actor himself. Fortunately John was an experienced character actor and would be able to accommodate this.

Clay up for case mold (jacket mold)

Keys designed without locking undercuts to allow for removal of case while leaving the silicone negative during opening.

Fabrication of the Hydrocal case mold.

This case or jacket mold was designed to slide off of the silicone during removal so that the silicone negative mold could be peeled away from the appliance.

Platinum silicone negative poured. 

The silicone negative was made with a firm high shore silicone. The case mold was a heavy plaster to allow and even pressure to "cut" the appliance gel edges.

After releasing the positive and negative mold with Murphy's oil soap and Ease brand spray release from Reynolds AM, Water-melon liquid was airbrushed onto both the positive and negative as a silicone encapsulent. Once dry Water-Melon Primer was airbrushed onto the Encapsulent and allowed to dry. Then platinum silicone gel (Ecoflex Gel / Reynolds AM) was tinted with Prosthetic Cosmetic RMG to match the actor, catalyzed and poured into the mold. The mold was closed, clamped  and the silicone was allowed to cure. Once cured the mold was opened and the appliance was ready.

Having been encapsulated with Water-Melon the appliance can be securely applied with Ethyl or Isopropyl alcohol. The appliance was applied section by section.


 Once the alcohol is applied under the appliance section just press and hold the appliance to let the alcohol activate the Water-Melon and bond to the skin area. This is done for all sections of the appliance until the entire appliance is secured.


 Then when the entire appliance body is applied the edges are blended with the same ethyl or 99% isopropyl alcohol.


One great advantage  of using Water-Melon as an encapsulent is that you can use Alcohol foundation products and they will bond to the appliance. We are using our own AGPC Airbrush Foundation  to extrinsically adjust the color of the appliance. 


With a wig and eyebrows made by hair expert Janet Balla the "look" is complete and ready to be brought to life through the impersonation talent of John Morgan.